2019 Spring – Awards & Nominations

Nominations & Awards Spring 2019

Here are the films nominated by Susan, Kick, and Jay for the final screening. These are not the best films but the films that we believe had unique elements or reflects certain qualities worthy of being showcased. All the teams have put in considerable effort into the completion of their final films. Some have succeeded in achieving their visions, some have failed. Regardless, the teams should all be proud of the work they’ve done.

Every term, we put out a challenge for the students to make our lives difficult at at the end of term when it comes to selecting our nominations and winners. This class provided us with a challenge like never before. Please visit the Spring 2019 Film Catalog to see all the talent, the blood, the sweat, and the tears the Fall 18 class has to offer.


The Technical Awards categories celebrate technical achievements and are nominated and judged by the instruction staff and expert panel. These awards are set to be aligned with the prescribed learning outcomes of the course.

Best Overall Film

Winner of Best Overall Film, The Aftermath!

Best Cinematography

Winners of Best Cinematography are Nodus & The Aftermath!

Best Editing

Winner of Best Editing is Break!

Best Sound Design

Winner of Best Sound Design is Disclosure!

Best Art Direction

Winner of Best Art Direction is Stay with Me!

Best Visual & Special Effects (Incl. Makeup)

Winner of Best Visual & Special FX is Replace!

Best Story

Winner of Best Story/Script is The Girl with Airpods!


Unlike the Technical Awards, the Audience Choice awards are awarded to talent that are beyond the scope of the class. Those include awards for audience choice, acting, and genre awards. These awards are nominated by the teaching staff and are voted on by the class at the final screening.

Best Audience Choice

Winner of Best Audience Choice goes to THE GIRL WITH AIRPODS!

Best Human in a Leading Role

Winner of Audience Choice is The Aftermath!

Best Drama

Winner of Best Drama is THE AFTERMATH!

Best Thriller

Winner of Best Thriller goes to Roulette! Disclosure comes in a close second!

Best Death

Best Death (onscreen or offscreen) goes to ROULETTE!